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Americans are in a crisis! A crisis of stuff...

You and your loved ones have been collecting, saving, storing and displaying the mementoes of your lifetime... for decades.


Your heirs don't want it


You've Marie Kondo'd


You've Swedish Death Cleaned

You can no longer see the garbage for the gold!
What stays? What goes?

Ask Kent and Co. - we specialize in Stuff!

Kent Brasloff NYC downsize expert
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We wanted to empty my mother’s apartment quickly & efficiently, keeping our promise not to send her belongings to a landfill. Question was, where to start? Thanks for quarterbacking a rough game.” - RM
My parents could not have done this without you! I was thrilled to be able to put you in touch.” - Toni
Mr. Kent was fantastic! He was sensitive to our feelings and helped us make hard choices about what to keep and what to give away. We went to our new, smaller house and felt, right away, at home.” - C. Ruiz

The average home today is nearly 3000 square feet, with many reaching up to 5000 square feet and beyond! Apartment dwellers fare more conservatively around 850-2000 square feet, yet everyone wants more space…


Living well, in less space with less stuff is rarely talked about. It’s an art, and most people need lessons. We can help you.


Whether you own, rent, live in a care facility or a green-energy tree-house, statistics show that 256,000 Baby Boomers leave this world annually. 2.6 million are aged 50 or older; and 1.6 million of those are homeowners. They leave a lot behind…for someone else to clean up.

Ease the burden from your shoulders and from those of your heirs by creating a solution now, one that relieves you (and them) of two of the modern world’s greatest stresses: downsizing and estate liquidation.


Reach out to us for quote on your project while it’s on your mind!


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