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Professional publications have recognized our work


C.F.F. Antiques

Sales and Acquisitions

Macy's Herald Square

Silver and Semi-Precious Jewelry Sales


Hearst Special Publications

New York Spaces Magazine

The Los Angeles Times

The Tokyo Shimbun

Traditional Home

Luxe Magazine


National Kitchen and Bath Association

Independent Interior Designer's Forum


NKBA Manhattan Chapter

2015 Inaugural Recipient

National Trade Organizations cite our professionalism


My parents could not have done this without you! I was thrilled to be able to put you in touch.” - Toni

Estate Distribution/2007

How do you stay so organized and always know where every item is?! You made an onerous task easier and kept your sense of humor even when I couldn’t. I can’t thank you enough for keeping me out of the mix but in the loop. I don’t know how other people disperse an estate without you!” - JB

Downsizing, Lifestyle Enrichment & Estate Distribution/2021-2023

"Today is a year since Peter passed away. I just want to tell you how much we appreciate all the things you did. You managed to set up his apartment to look just like home. You admired his first addition book collection; and when he was on his way out, you brought a little Christmas tree, that maybe he did not see anymore, but still would be able to smell. Peter liked you and appreciated your efforts. We thank you for the terrific job you did making it all happen!"
- Alfred and Antje K.


It would have taken us six months to figure out who to call first, and impossible to decide who to contact second and third! You had the whole project mapped out in a couple of days. Grateful doesn’t begin to cover it.

- Barbara

Estate Distribution/2023

We wanted to empty my late mother’s apartment quickly & efficiently, keeping our promise not to send her belongings to a landfill. Question was, where to start? Thanks for quarterbacking a rough game.” - RM


You downsized my Godfather from a large 2-bedroom apartment, spruced up his assisted living space by re-using much of what he already had and disbursed what was no longer relevant, all in 32 days, during Covid! I like what you did for him so much that if he doesn’t want to live here, I WILL!!" - J. Philip

Lifestyle Enrichment/2004

I can’t leave the house anymore, but everywhere I look is beauty and the mementoes that are important to me at this stage of my life.” - JG


Mr. Kent was fantastic! He was sensitive to our feelings and helped us make hard choices about what to keep and what to give away. We went to our new, smaller house and felt, right away, at home.” - C. Ruiz


Art and carpets and collectibles…there was sooo much, and we didn’t know where to begin? What should we take into our future and what to leave behind? Our kids didn’t want 99% of it. You directed us to good solutions and helped us to create a new environment with what we kept.” - K. DeLuca

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