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Ask Kent and Co. is the solution you've been looking for!


We are a project management firm based in New York City, with a focus on city living. Our expertise is grounded in strategies for planned downsizing, lifestyle enrichment, and estate distribution.


At Ask Kent and Co., we believe that growing older shouldn't mean giving up your independence or living in a space that is too large and difficult to manage. Neither should you have to live with fewer comforts. We believe you deserve to live your best life today, and we're here to help you achieve that! Taking a comprehensive approach to living gracefully, we assure that your wishes are respected and you have peace of mind.


Founded by Kent Brasloff, we have been helping our clients adapt to new realities as life prompts them for over 25 years. Our services are designed to facilitate greater freedom and ease of living after age 50 and act, once you are gone, as a supportive bridge between heirs, legal teams, and trustees. We make certain that the specifics of your bequests are earmarked and delivered as you wish them to be.


Don't let aging compromise your quality of life! Contact us today, and let us help you create a plan of action that we can implement now!

Please check out our service options and CLICK HERE to contact us!  

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