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Moving out of your home after living there for decades is daunting.


You don't have to do it alone! Ask Kent and Co. is here to help you every step of the way. We offer personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs so you can easily downsize and establish new lifestyle systems.


Our team takes a personal interest in your well-being, and we work together to create a seamless process that minimizes stress during this sensitive time in your life. Once you've transitioned to your new environment, we can even help you create a plan to distribute your belongings to your loved ones once you are gone. With Ask Kent and Co., you can rest assured that you'll have a supportive team by your side throughout this important journey.

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Let's work together to create a detailed inventory of your household goods and relocate the items you plan to keep safely. We can assist you in finding donation, appraisal and sales opportunities for unwanted items. Our team can handle everything for your move, including recommending real estate brokers and arranging for movers and insurance, utility, and internet connections. We can also help you plan the layout of your new home, guide you in the selection of any new materials, replacement furnishings or living-in-place upgrades. Additionally, we can recommend handyman services and set up storage facilities for any overflow. We'll guarantee that both your old and new homes will be spotlessly clean; and we are prepared to work with your legal, financial, medical, facility, and trustee teams to make the transition effortless.

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We can help you select paint colors and decorative materials that complement and enhance your furnishings as well as assist you in identifying and installing living-in-place upgrades; coordinating the delivery of any new purchases; programming your technology; refreshing, renovating or customizing your kitchen or bath; organizing and de-cluttering your closets and creating seasonal decorations that we install and then remove.

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We will dovetail with your professional teams: legal, financial, medical, facility and trustees to create a postmortem inventory to clarify items for disposal: return of medical equipment; bequests to heirs; appraisals and donations for taxable events; sales of worthy but unwanted items; and oversee packing and distribution. We can arrange for utilities to be disconnected and for Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to be discontinued. Moreover, we will secure necessary elevator reservations with your building, confirm certificates of insurance and work in cooperation with all parties to guarantee an organized move out.

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