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Downsizing Strategies:
Apartment Breakdown

Packing and moving can be overwhelming, especially when you have to part with items that hold precious memories. We understand that it can be difficult to decide what to keep and what to leave behind, particularly when you've lived in one place for decades.


We want to help you feel more in control during this challenging process. Our team can create a personalized and detailed plan that you can be involved in every step of the way. Alternatively, we can take over the entire process for you. We're here to help you prepare inventories, obtain appraisals, arrange auctions or sales, and even donate your belongings if you wish. We can also help you relocate or store your furnishings and manage a multi-stage, multi-state, or multi-country move.


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5 Bedroom to 3 Bedroom

The strategy here was to move from a large 5-bedroom family home to a more manageable 3-bedroom townhome. Our goal was to both maximize functionality and ensure comfort for this widower. We achieved this by repurposing much of his existing furniture, giving old favorites inspired updates, and adding new finds to bring joy to every room. It was an honor for us to be asked to select and condense the family photos that would be displayed in his new home.





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Assisted Living Unit / 1 Bedroom

The process of moving into an assisted living situation can be a positive and constructive experience. It brings with it a sense of freedom from responsibilities and often leads to a more fulfilling life. However, we understand that this transition may come with some challenges, particularly if there is a loss of function or memory.


Our team is here to help make this process as smooth as possible, and we offer a variety of practical solutions to ensure a comfortable and familiar home environment. When required, we work in tandem with trustees, lawyers, and on-site medical staff to ensure that any necessary adjustments are made.


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NYC Pied-a-Terre / 1 Bedroom

Let's collaborate to design a living space that you'll cherish every day. We can incorporate your adored family heirlooms or create an entirely new look, just like we did in this Manhattan High-Rise.


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Lifestyle Enrichment:
Space Planning

It's important to plan ahead! We can help you do this by creating a set of drawings that accurately reflect the size and capabilities of your new home. This will help you make sure you have enough room for everything you need. We'll keep things simple and straightforward, using everyday language instead of complicated terms. This way, you'll be able to quickly and easily understand what's what!


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Selecting Finishes

Get ready to feel excited about your new home! Take pride in its appearance and embrace the changes that come with it. Add color, texture, and materials that stimulate fresh ideas. Don't be afraid to take a few risks and fulfill some of your dreams! By making targeted upgrades, you can turn your house into a home that is not only beautiful but also beneficial to your well-being.


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Before and After: Baths & Kitchens

Customizing a bathroom or a kitchen that suits your future needs requires careful consideration. Sometimes, minor adjustments are sufficient, but if a major renovation is necessary to enhance your health, safety, or well-being, we can assist you in making that decision. We regularly collaborate with a range of Trade professionals, guaranteeing that you will be delighted with the outcome.


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Holiday Decorations

Let us carve your pumpkin, trim your tree or deliver your Easter Basket! Give yourself the joy and beauty of the season without all the work to make it happen! And when the holiday is over, we take away the mess. Seasonal decorations make the year go round!


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Estate Distribution:
Emptying the nest

When the time comes to dismantle your or a loved one's home, it can be a painful process. However, after an appropriate interval and after removing the items that are precious to you, you can allow us to take care of the rest.


Our team can deconstruct the home and leave it in "broom swept" condition so that you can have the necessary time to grieve. We can help you sort items such as books and clothing as well as arrange for appraisals, sales, or donations. We can also assist you in finding homes for sentimental items like grandma's china and silver, and stage the move-out process. We're here to assist you in this endeavor. Ask Kent and Co. for help!

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