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Estate Distribution

Make your intentions clear. Inventory and tag your bequests for distribution.

  • 8 hours
  • Based on Scope
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

What happens to your most-loved items once the paperwork part of your estate plan is complete? You may have indicated who gets what, but where are those items? What happens if your heirs don't want them? What if they've been earmarked for sale or are found to create a taxable event? Here's where we can help. We'll work with your attorneys, trustees, and heirs as a bridge to donations, appraisals, and sales for unwanted items. We will arrange for storage while everything is being sorted out, and we can generate coded inventories so that it's clear where and to whom the remainder goes. Further, we can recommend qualified movers and shippers, negotiate appropriate levels of insurance, and guarantee that each article is delivered safely to its final destination, whether locally, in another state, or another country. Allowing us to manage the technical aspects of your plan benefits you, providing peace of mind and freedom from worry.

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