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Lifestyle Enrichement

Develop a plan of action that creates a comfortable and supportive living environment as you age.

  • 8 hours
  • Based on Scope
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Team up with us to create a fresh start! You've made the tough decisions. The move is coming. Why not acquire some of the perks you've always dreamed of or build in the support systems you'll need as you age? To get you started, we can develop a furniture plan so that there's a clear picture of where everything will go and how it will fit. If there are spacial issues, we can work with you to find solutions and then help you to select any replacement furnishings or accessories that support that. Further, we can facilitate paint selection, wall and floor coverings, and lighting & electrical solutions. We can also work with you to map out supportive Living-in-Place protocols like grab bars, non-skid surfaces, step-in showers, and height toilets. Your kitchen can be modified too, making a smaller space more efficient by employing unique-to-purpose appliances, storage extenders and easy-care materials.

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